Adapter hokopener - 1 Stuks

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Adapter hokopener - 1 Stuks

Product information "ST - power supply (230V)"

Plug-in power supply for electronic doorkeeper VS...

Replacement of old / defective power supply unit, or to additionally supply VSBb or VSD/E (battery powered) with power from the mains outlet*.

INPUT: 100-240V~0.5A Max 50-60Hz
OUTPUT: +12V DC 0.5A

* You can also connect the power supply unit to the doorkeeper VSBb (battery operation). In this case the still inserted batteries serve as emergency power supply if the mains adapter fails.

The mains adapter is only suitable for indoor use! Not specified for damp rooms!
Corresponding contacts for connection to pins of the electronic doorkeeper are available.
Cable length approx. 2.5m
We reserve the right to change suppliers and manufacturers of power supplies. Specifications such as output power or cable length may vary in detail.

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